Our History


Our History



Sherman Adams Moves to Lincoln

In 1923, Sherman Adams moves to Lincoln and begins work at the Parker-Young Company, where he serves as a Walking Boss. Walking Boss is a name for a logging supervisor or foreman, described as "the big man in the woods." He saw to it that teams were loaded and unloaded, loads were properly measured and recorded, and that the teamsters took care of the horses.

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Governor of New Hampshire

Sherman Adams becomes Governor of New Hampshire, and serves two terms.


Sherman Adams Becomes White House Chief of Staff

Sherman Adams is appointed Chief of Staff to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Sherman Adams Conceptualizes Loon

After returning to his hometown of Lincoln, Adams saw the need to diversify the area’s industry from logging to a balance of recreation, tourism and conservation.


The Kancamagus Highway Opens

The Kancamagus Highway opens, linking New Hampshire Route 16 in Conway with Interstate 93.


Spring | Construction Begins

In April, trail construction begins.

Pictured: Sherman Adams (left) and Selden "Sel" Hannah (right) discussing trail construction

Opening Day

After 8 months of construction, Loon opens on December 27, 1966 with 12 trails, 2 lifts and a gondola. "Five hundred people showed up with their skis without being invited." –Governor Sherman Adams, founder


East Basin Opens

With the addition of three new trails, the installation of a new double lift provides access to the summit. East Basin's Triple Trouble, Big Dipper, and Angel Street trails mark the start of Loon’s expansion into expert terrain.


Snowmaking Installed

Loon's snowmaking operation begins on 23 acres. The next year, snowmaking expands to 40 acres.

Pictured: Sherman Adams standing on some of the first snowmaking pipes installed


West Basin Opens

Loon opens the West Basin area with a new chairlift and intermediate terrain.


Governor Adams Lodge Completed

Phases One and Two of the Governor Adams Lodge construction are fully completed.


North Peak & Camp III Open

With the construction of a new triple chairlift, North Peak becomes the highest elevation at Loon, serving terrain like the storied pitches of Upper Walking Boss and Upper Flume.


Original Gondola Replaced

Loon says goodbye to its iconic orange gondola, and replaces it with a new Doppelmayr gondola.


Kancamagus Express Quad Opens

Loon installs the area's first high-speed detachable quad. This Doppelmayr lift was the most technologically advanced lift at the time.


South Peak & Pemi Base Camp Open

The $10 million project opens with 3 new trails and 2 lifts, the Lincoln Express high-speed detachable quad, and the Tote Road fixed-grip quad, which connects the summit of South Peak to Loon Peak's Upper Bear Claw.


600 Low-Energy Snowguns Installed

Loon invests in 600+ HKD aerial snowguns across the resort, increasing efficiency and snowmaking coverage.


Loon Purchased by Boyne Resorts

Loon is purchased by Boyne Resorts, placing assets and operational control under one entity.

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North America's First Dual-Frequency RFID Gate System Installed

Loon introduces North America’s first ever dual-frequency RFID gates at key base area lifts.

Phase I of Downhill Mountain Biking Completed

On September 7, Loon opens Phase I of downhill mountain biking, which includes three trails and three miles of terrain.

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KLIK Hydrant Installation

Continued to add semi-automated snowmaking technology on core trails.

Downhill Mountain Biking Phase 2

The completion of Cinder, a blue freeride trail, marked over 10,000 feet of trail built that summer, and one of many downhill milestones hit in 2020. The two new Blue Freeride trails, Derailer and Cinder, built in tandem with Highland Trails, LLC, are stocked with flowing berms and options for air.

The Seven Brothers Triple doubled uphill capacity to additional bike carriers, getting you to the trail faster than ever before.


Kancamagus 8

North America fastest and the East’s first eight-place chairlift.

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Snowmaking Upgrades

Currently, 73 percent of Loon's snowmaking equipment is considered low energy. When these KLIK snowguns operate, they perform at a 4:1 return, meaning 200 snowguns run with the same energy it took to run 50 guns in the early 2000s.

Downhill Mountain Biking Continues

With opening of Overhaul and Hopper, two blue freeride trails, and Upper Roundhouse, a blue technical trail, we added another 9,251 feet of MTB terrain.  

Camp III Deck Upgrades

The old deck has been replaced with a new heated patio, with wind protection, additional seating and new chairs and tables.


MTB is Bigger, Higher, Faster

Biking Moves West
With its greater speed and state-of-the-art Bike Clip system, Kancamagus 8 delivers access to expanded downhill terrain for all abilities quickly and comfortably.

Seven Brothers Express Quad

The Seven Brothers Triple is replaced with detachable high-speed quad chairlift— the former Kancamagus Express Quad.


South Peak Expansion

The South Peak expansion adds 11 trails and one four-person chairlift to the resort, increasing Loon's skiable terrain to over 400 acres, 13 lifts and a vertical drop of 2,190 feet—making it the longest in New Hampshire.

Welcome to Timbertown

Timbertown Quad opened December 30, 2023. This Doppelmayr Alpenstar 4-CLF chairlift, conveniently located one-half mile from Main Street and a mile from Interstate 93, provides direct lift access from the Escape Route parking lots in the center of Lincoln.

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11 New Trails

The 30 acres of new terrain feature 11 new trails, including 2 tree-skiing areas, which cater to beginner and intermediate ability levels. Over 60 percent of the added terrain is green level, with the remainder rated More Difficult. The trail names are derived from the rich logging history of the region.

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Upcoming Projects

Near-Term and Late-Stage Projects

Near Term

Near-Term Projects thru 2025

We are consistently listening to feedback and strive to improve our guest experience across the resort. As a result, we have prioritized the following innovations and upgrades throughout the resort:

  • A Reimagined West Basin
  • South Peak Expansion
  • Learning Center at South Peak
  • Continued Installation of Semi-Automated KLIK Hydrants
  • Upgrade Lincoln Express Quad
  • Summit Café Expansion
  • North Peak Trail Expansion
  • New Summer Attraction

Late Term

Late-Stage Projects 2026-2030

  • Snow Tubing Area Relocated 
  • Westward Trail Expansion 
  • Upgrade Gondola Lift
  • Reimagine Pemigewasset Base Camp
  • Upgrade North Peak Lift
  • Expand Camp III
  • Implement Fully Automated Snowmaking Technology